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Michael Jordan is one of the biggest basketball players of all times. The Bobcats changed their name back to the Hornets in 2014, however, the name change hasn't done much to change the team's poor fortunes as a franchise since Jordan bought the team in 2010. In 1992, the Bulls faced off against the Portland Trailblazers in the NBA Finals.

Jordan won Rookie of the Year easily in his first year and was unanimously voted by fans to be a starter in the NBA All-Star game in his rookie year. Named by one of Naismith's first players as Basket Ball (it finally became one word in 1921), the sport's popularity rapidly spread.

Under Jordan, the Bobcats were eventually renamed the Hornets (starting in the 2014-15 season) to reunite the city with the nickname of its first NBA franchise. 1996-97 was another successful regular season for the Bulls as they went 69-13, missing out on their second consecutive 70 win season by one game.

The Bulls and Jazz played Michael Jordan a classic game. The Bulls entered the NBA Finals against the Lakers with great momentum. Jordan's and the Tarheels' season ended on a low note as they fell to Georgia 82-77 in the Elite Eight. Jordan not only averaged 28 points but played all 82 games and averaged almost 40 minutes per game.

The NBA Commissioner, businessman Maurice Podoloff, saw to it that teams supplied free player photos to the media. After Jordan hit the game-winner, Georgetown had a chance to win but Fred Brown inexplicably threw the ball directly to a player on North Carolina, future NBA Hall of Famer James Worthy, and the game was over.

Jordan is a two-time inductee into the Basketball Hall of Fame , having been enshrined in 2009 for his individual career, and again in 2010 as part of the group induction of the 1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team ("The Dream Team"). This leaves those five players unable to play the game of basketball while allowing the undersized aliens to become the ”Monstars” or the ”Scream Team” as the leader calls it.

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